20 years after its premiere, the Oscar-winner for Best Picture winner will be a part of the night celebrating film music.

10-07-2020 Duart News

The great composer and author of over 500 film musical themes died in Rome at the age of 91!

07-07-2020 Momir Rajšić

Black is King will be available on Disney+ and will star famous artists.

05-07-2020 Duart News

This year, the Istrian festival will be held from July 30 to August 1.

30-06-2020 Duart News

The anthology will feature 17 directors, including Maggie Gyllenhaal and Paolo Sorrentino.

27-06-2020 Duart News

Lidia and Dimitris made the short films “Yawth” and “Sad Girl Weekend” together and they are currently working on “The Good Girls Club.”

27-06-2020 Duart News

The animated series will be the first project made between the Iervolino Studios in Rome and Iervolino Studios in Serbia.

26-06-2020 Duart News

Country's response to Fifty Shades of Grey quickly reaches number one position in the US and the UK.

25-06-2020 Duart News

You have been reading about it for five years, and now you will finally have a chance to see one of Broadway's biggest shows.

24-06-2020 Duart News

The actor says Christoper Nolan is reinveting the wheel with the summer blockbuster.

24-06-2020 Lana Mihailović

After Hollywood suffered the biggest loss in its history (a moderate estimate is at least $ 20 billion), is it time to move forward?

24-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

The festival will open with a screening of Mater, by Jure Pavlović.

22-06-2020 Duart News

Short documentary debut Then comes the evening by director Maja Novaković brings serenity and call for peacefulness, at least for 28 minutes, while the film lasts.

22-06-2020 Duart News

Father premiered in the Panorama section of the 2020 Berlin Film Festival, where it won two awards (Audience Award and Ecumenical Jury Award).

20-06-2020 Duart News

This decision comes after the Academy already announced several changes to their rules.

17-06-2020 Duart News