Frljić's "The Brothers Karamazov" bring the dual nature of human greed, misery and loss

Latest adaptation of Dostoyevsky in ZKM (Zagreb Youth Theatre) invites for deep and layered reflections on the Russian literature classic.


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We watched the first episode of Dalibor Matanic's crime series "The Silence"

After the extraordinary series The Last Socialist Artefact, Dalibor Matanić surprised us again with the first episode of the crime series "The Silence". Based on the novels Izborna šutnja, Ispovjedna tajna and Kijevska piletina by Drago Hedl, the series premiered last Monday on Croatian national television HRT with a furder deal to screen on HBO Europe. The series takes place in Osijek and Kyiv, Ukraine, and Matanić and his team not only met ...