Belgrade FEST opens today, see what films are on the program

In its 51st edition, the Belgrade Film Festival offers a series of treats for film lovers

The Belgrade FEST, the 51st in a row, and this year under the motto Passion for Life, opens today, February 24, with the international premiere of a new (twenty-third!) work by the hyper-productive François Ozon. Namely, the retro celluloid crime film, Mon crime / The Crime Is Mine, an homage to American and French romantic comedies from the 1930s, will not be released in its home country until March 8.


Ozon introduces us to a diverse program dominated by francophone authors, we will single out Claire Denis who already has a new film, namely a romance set in Nicaragua Stars at Noon, while we are still watching his predecessor in cinemas Avec amour et acharnement / Both Sides of the Blade and at the same time we wonder what happened to the progressive politically engaged author that a few years ago indulged in romantic comedies and melodramas. Let's also mention Mia Hansen Un bon matin / One Fine Morning with Lea Seydoux, which, despite the realistic greasiness and difficulties faced by the protagonist, can be read as a feel good female film about the challenges of early middle age; In beautifully framed scenes, the viewer will follow Sandra as she tries to balance freelance translation engagements, single motherhood, caring for a seriously ill father and a new, complicated relationship.


The dreamy drama Serre moi fort / Hold Me Tight and the transformative story Plus que jamais / More Than Ever, both French and equally likable, are connected by Vicky Krieps, a recently hyper-requested European actress, who is currently we look at Corsage. In two festival titles we will also find Mia Goth, in the horror films Pearl and Infinity Pool, and Lea Seydoux, who also stars in Croneneberg's Crimes of the Future.



Dad and son Cronenberg


The program treat is also the new Guadagnino, who after Suspiria managed to film another artistic horror with a romantic sign Bones and All, and speaking of that genre, it will also be possible to watch the ridiculously inventive Pearl, the Danish Gaesterne / Speak No Evil, and finally the bizarre ZF horror Inflinity Pool signed by his son Brendan Cronenberg, filmed in a Croatian co-production, partly in Šibenik. Meanwhile, Zeller has filmed The Son with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern as a prequel to the The Father, and the selection also includes Tori y Lokita, the current work of the incomparable Dardenne brothers.


As a unique, at least linguistic curiosity, we also single out the irresistible little film entirely in Irish, An cailín cuíin / Quiet girl, which our audience could already see at the ZFF. It is definitely worth pointing out the powerful Belgian Rebel, to which viewers immediately attached the superlative of the best film about ISIL, as well as the intimate drama Un año, una noche / One Year, one Night, where Noémi Merlant we find ourselves in the role of a traumatized girl who survived the attack on the Bataclan.


Most of all, we are looking forward to productions from smaller or simply inaccessible cinematography, such as the Russian situation film or before the escalation Po muzhski / Like a Man, the Ukrainian war drama Bachennya metelyka / Butterfly Vision or comedies, also Ukrainian, Luxemburg, Luxembourg, the Albanian drama Një kupag kafe dhe të reja të reja vapa / A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On, the Polish Obet / Victim, the Slovenian Zbudi me / Wake me whose script is co-written by writer Goran Vojnović, Azerbaijan's Banu, Mexico's Totem or Iran's Beyond the Wall.  Read the full article at KINO FILM.HR


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