Curon - Italian horror series from 10.6.2020 on Netflix

The mini-series has only seven episodes and was filmed in the original locations

Horror fans can rightly be satisfied with the representation of their favourite genre on Netflix. From Korean, Indian and to Italian horror treats. Something new every month. In June, an Italian horror treat arrives, a real genre horror series. Curon is a small place in Trentino-Alto Adige, right next to Lake Resia. It is known for the tower that is in the middle of the lake and which is truly one of the Italian tourist attractions. It looks a bit gothic, especially at night. And the content of the series is a bit gothic.


Two twins Mauro and Daria come to Curon with their mother. Their mother Anna - staring Valeria Bilello, disappears without a trace soon after her arrival. What secrets does the mysterious family heritage hide? Which happened 17 years ago, when their mother left Curon. These and many other secrets will have to be revealed by twins Mauro and Daria.


The mini-series has only seven episodes and was filmed in the original locations. The beautiful little town below the iceberg of Curon is enough bait for itself. It is unusual for the mentioned tower which is in the lake, so at night it causes chills. Of course, the authors of the Abbate and Fachin series took full advantage of the Gothic atmosphere of the lake, the tower and the wooded area around Curon. There are as many night scenes, wolves and moonlight as the average horror fan can handle. Summoning Satan, village secrets modelled on Wicker Man, night wanderings in the catacombs. The iconography that cannot be avoided, but has always come in handy in Gothic horror.


All seven episodes are available from Wednesday, June 10 only on Netflix!