Croatian Audiovisual Center HAVC supports the latest film project with Bosnian Oscar-awarded director Danis Tanović

Primarily a project by actress Anja Matković Prije ljeta got support from Nikola Kuprešanin, Propeler Film and Danis Tanović

According to the latest results of the competition of the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC), Bosnian Oscar-awarded director Danis Tanović is one of those who will receive financial support in approximately 640,000 € for the shooting of a feature film Prije ljeta (Before Summer).


Prije ljeta follows the story of a young woman from Zagreb, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man from Brač as she visits the island for the first time and starts an affair with a married British writer who is shaken by the mid-life and creative crisis. A sea adventure grows into a forbidden love that breaks down on substantial life circumstances, as well as on the tragicomic renovation of a house and a herd of abandoned cows.


Primarily a project by actress Anja Matković (The Paper, Not So Friendly Neighbourhood Affair) after the first development of the script, Prije ljeta got co-writing support from Nikola Kuprešanin (Not So Friendly Neighbourhood Affair), production support by Propeler Film (Father, Circles) and Tanović as a director.


In their decision, HAVC states: Matković and Kuprešanin wrote a very seductive screenplay, which at the same time bursts with humour and tenderness, convincingly rooted in the Adriatic surroundings in which the film takes place, with characters of flesh and blood as well as the well-guided structure. With the directorial hand of the renowned Danis Tanović and the experienced producer of Propeler Film, we deeply believe in the success of the Prije ljeta project and therefore we unanimously want to open the door to production with financial support.

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