A Quarantine Guide for Being Found-What to Do in September

Creative insights for staying productive

With COVID-19 pandemic growing strong since March, the truth universally acknowledged regarding entertainment and productivity is as follows-being indoors should not prevent us from being productive. Albeit in small steps, the world has seen a steady tunnelling of barriers at least digitally when it comes to an on-click accessibility to various creative endeavours for professionals and aspiring amateurs alike. With a vast majority of film and music festivals postponed, concerts cancelled and movie premieres heading straight to streaming sites, it is becoming important to remind ourselves that even the slightest effort is sometimes enough to keep ourselves from sinking into routine. Here are some of the ideas that might turn up the notch of the online life in quarantine from your living room sofa.


Lions and Tigers and MasterClass, Arts and Sights, Oh my!

Famous for offering online classes in a wide range of subjects, MasterClass (learn.masterclass.com) is offering now one free class session every week, with the next one scheduled for Wednesday. The likes of Margaret Atwood teaching creative writing for fiction, Dan Brown handling the thriller structure and Martin Scorcese tapping into the art of directing, MasterClass offers a handful insight into the processes, habits and work analysis behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. And not to forget,  there is also Gordon Ramsey teaching you some serious skills in the kitchen. If the british chef proves a bit too difficult, one can always head to this Youtube Video and learn how to handle a carbonara prep.

While museums around the globe being off the plate for visitiors, Google Arts and Culture allow us to enter the hallways virtually, with over 2,500 different museums opened for exploration. The likes of Louvre do have their own website, but one should head over to Google Arts and enjoy the NYC Guggenheim Museum, London’s British Museum or Musée d'Orsay while  fashion enthusiasts would perhaps appreciate the following Christian Dior full-length movie.

For those feeling nostalgic about the times when travelling was not a far-fetched dream full of restrictions, Street View on Google Arts and Culture offer the possibility of visiting a new city every day, free of charge. Most recently, Netflix is offering first episodes of some original shows and select full-length movies for free to nonsubscribers.


From Stage to Stream in one Go

The lockdown turned down the stage lights, deeming the live performances impossible. Though it is safe to say nothing can match a real-life rehersal or an evening in theatre, the  Actors Pro Expo NYC/LA is holding a virtual 3-day-event for actors. Find the full agenda including guest speakers here. For those looking for a dance class, Cast members from McOnie company’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ have held three live dance classes featuring choreography from the show. In July, BAFTA Guru presented video interviews featuring casting directors from Sex Education,’ Chernobyl, Giri/Haji and more. Entertainment Weekly aired a panel with The Umbrella  Academy cast, and you can watch a 30-minutes special on YouTube, while The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actresses Roundtable feature talented Jameela Jamil, Amy Sedaris, Robin Thede, Tiffany Haddish and Elle Fanning, you can watch here.


Keen admirers of classical music are not excluded from streaming wealth. Watch this special, recorded by Oslo Philharmonic in January 2019, of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Make sure to follow their YouTube channel to watch numerous performances from the comfort of your home. ABC Classic shared a special video of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ Live, performed by 600-strong Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at the Royal Sydney Opera House. The Royal Opera House aired a live Masterclass on August 20th with conductor and pianist Antonio Pappano.