HBO Max launches May 27, 2020!

The release date of the HBO streaming service in the USA and then in Europe and Latin is getting closer!

HBO, the largest cable pay operator, is launching a new service after a long time. Compliance with the times we live in, HBO Max (a member of WarnerMedia Entertainment), will be available online. First in the USA and then around the world. How will the service be positioned in the world of digital services, in which Netflix, Amazon, or Disney Plus have been ruling for a long time? Especially considering the most expensive subscription on the market, $ 15 per month. The thing is on offer. HBO has WarnerMedia behind it for now, which includes - TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox / 20th Century Studios. Unlike Amazon, Disney, and even Netflix, HBO Max will also have a sports offer through Turner Sports - NBA TNT, Major League Baseball on TBS. Also the NCAA March Madness.


In addition to enjoying movies and series, original productions, there will also be sports included in the monthly subscription. Besides, there will be exclusive content that has been transferred from other platforms. Such as Friends, which have been on the Netflix platform so far.


There are a large number of original series that is planned to be shown only on HBO Max. But when we add to them Wire, Game of Thrones, Luther, The Big Bang Theory, Office, Dr. Who, Rick and Morty, South Park, Top Gear, Sesame Street, Big Little Lies, Looney Tunes, Batwoman, Killing Eve, a pretty good list, isn't it? For a start, that is quite enough, of course with the rich palette of premieres. Including movie titles, also new feature series and aminated series, documentary series, and evening talk-shaws. A little closer look, HBO Max - in numbers!


HBO Max launches on May 27, 2020, in the USA.


The subscription price before May 27, 2020, is $ 12 per month, after May 27, 2020, is $ 15 per month. For comparison - Netflix already has $ 9 per month, Disney Plus only $ 7 per month, and Peacock will even be free for the version with ads. Apple + is the cheapest, at only $ 5 per month.


For starters, HBO Max will have over 10,000 hours of content provided.


For the ‘transition’ of the Friends series from Netflix to HBO Max, $ 425 million was paid!


The Big Bang Theory costs $ 500 million!


HBO planned to have 31 originals in the first year, and 50 originals in the second year.


Over 18,000 movies HBO, promises to users ultimately!


By the end of this year, HBO will feature 69 original series, both newly launched and new seasons, which will premiere on HBO Max.


Finally, exclusive contracts with the BBC and JJ Abrams should be highlighted, which is great for the future of streaming service.


What the fans were hoping for was the announcement of the Friends special. But even here, COVID-19 ruined plans. Filming has been postponed, but doesn't that mean it's not some kind of Christmas special, for example? We do not doubt that by then, the situation with the COVID-19 virus will be at least partially resolved. Which means even more content on the HBO Max streaming service. Enjoy!