Netflix canceled horror series Marianne

There will be no second season of extremely well-received French horror series

There won’t be a second season for Marianne. We are very sorry and sad about that. But we will see you in other stories…”. These are words that the author of the series, Samuel Bodin, addressed to fans of the Marianne series on Instagram.


Who didn't watch the first one and so far for the only season - Marianne, missed a really good horror series. Otherwise, the horror is neglected on the OTT platforms, because it does not have a huge amount of audience. Logically, because horror it's a genre where there is only room for fans. Family reunions in front of TV screens somehow do not work for horror. But because of its content, Marianne is one of the very good tv series inside the genre. Let's briefly recall what the series is about.


A successful and wealthy writer, young Emma Larsimon - starring Victoire Du Bois, is shocked when a friend from school - Caroline, hangs herself in front of her eyes. With her secretary Camille, Emma returns to her hometown to visit the mother of her dead friend Mrs Daugeron - starring Mireille Herbstmeye. Mrs Daugeron is obsessed with the evil spirit of 15th-century witch Marianne Basselin. Little by little, Marianne is targeting the family of the unfortunate Emma, and her 'high school gang', who are unaware of the demons they are dealing with. There's only one way for Emma to get rid of Marianne, it's to either kneel down or find a way to 'kill' for a centuries already dead witch...


Stephen King tweeted last year: "If you are one of those sick-like me-who enjoys being scared, Marianne (Netflix) will do the job. There are glints of humour that give it a Stranger Things vibe. It also has a Stephen King vibe.". This means that the series is quite noticeable in genre circles.


But for now, Netflix doesn't seem to be counting on the French horror series to return in season two. Everyone who watched the ending of the first season knows that it shouldn't be that way. It ends with a classic horror cliffhanger. When you think it's over, that last scene screams: It's not !! Netflix's explanation is standard and short. The viewers have ruled, Marianne is not among the top-ranked series for 2019. As if any horror series would be. An honourable exception might be The Haunting of Hill House


For now, everything seems like the closed deal but never say never. The pressure from fans on social networks is high. Who knows, maybe the series is moving to another streaming platform. Until then, who hasn't watched the really creepy horror series, let's watch it on Netflix. To see what we are missing. Like Netflix itself, which disappointed horror fans with this move.