The 20th Zagreb Film Festival is closed

The award “Zlatna kolica” goes to the Pakistani film "Joyland"

The 20th Zagreb Film Festival is closed: the award “Zlatna kolica” goes to the Pakistani film "Joyland", and special recognition to movie "Safe Place" by Juraj Lerotić.



The jury decided that the best film of the 20th ZFF is Pakistani-Stan drama Joyland directed by Saim Sadiq, for its lucid and anti-rhetorical view of his country, of the family through which he explores a patriarchal society full of restrictions, especially for women and the LGBTQ+ community, where each member of the family is fully developed and characterized.



Because of the precise framing and minimalist film language, subtlety and sensitivity about a complicated and painful family situation, and because of the outstanding acting performance, a special award was given to Juraj Lerotić's film A Safe Place, which received a standing ovation from the audience at the opening of the Festival.



Award “Zlatna kolica” for the best Croatian film from the Kockice program went to Josip Lukić and Klara Šovagović for the film Nije zima za komarce.



The award “Zlatna kolica” of the International Short Film Program was awarded to the Slovenian author Matjaž Ivanišin for the film I tako je završilo ljeto. Special recognition in the same category went to the Portuguese author Daniel Soares for the film Ono što ostaje.



The eight unforgettable days of the jubilee edition left many memorable moments, from the sold-out or well-attended premieres of local films Stric, Tragovi, Garbura, Sigurno mjesto, which continue to live with audiences in Croatian cinemas after the ZFF, through the sold-out Labor Day screening of director Pjero Žalica, author whose film Gori Vatra opened the first edition of ZFF to the guest appearance of Irish debutant Gori vatra, who performed his drama Tiha djevojka, and to the first Pakistani film ever shown in ZFF's program, Joyland, which ended up winning the top prize.



Several films from this year's program will be shown in cinemas shortly after the ZFF. The Spanish Alcarràs and Kapetanica Nova are already in cinemas. A Safe place (November 3), Triangle of Sadness (November 17), Garbura (December 22) and Tragovi, Osam planina i Blizu (2023) will soon be released. The Zagreb Film Festival is the official distributor of the films Triangle of Sadness, Kapetanica Nova and Alcarràs.



Congratulations to all the winners!


Zlatko Burić and Samir Cerić Kovačević, photo by Petra Hofbauer, Press ZFF