The award was given by Eurimages on February 2, and is intended for the development of co-production projects and amounts to 20,000 euros.

14-02-2022 Duart News

Croatian films have recently received international awards, we have great producers, great directors, great actors

13-02-2022 Vanja Šunjić

ESCAPE FROM MOGADISHU Finally in Italy, on the big screen of FEFF 24!

11-02-2022 Duart News

The programme is organized in three working modules in Budapest, Sofia and Sarajevo

08-02-2022 Duart News

Primarily a project by actress Anja Matković Prije ljeta got support from Nikola Kuprešanin, Propeler Film and Danis Tanović

01-02-2022 Duart News

Huppert is more than a celebrated actor — she is an uncompromising artist who doesn’t hesitate to take risks and flout mainstream trends

20-01-2022 Duart News

Star cast, overexaggerated aesthetics and multiple narrative quirky stories meet again!

05-01-2022 Arman Fatić

Srđan Kovačević documents the decaying life of the factory

05-01-2022 Vanja Šunjić

Endorphin Film Sales announced this week at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

17-12-2021 Duart News

Puffins Impossible is on the way!

06-12-2021 Duart News

Is Youtube short still a video or rather a film?

15-11-2021 Tettyo Saito

The new generations are more courageous!

12-11-2021 Tettyo Saito

"I’d rather tried to think of the situations that they would get in to, and how they would interact with each other."

01-11-2021 Tettyo Saito

Socialist films in 21st century

27-10-2021 Arman Fatić

International casting directors and producers will discuss the career achievements and the future of Russian actors on the global stage.

26-10-2021 Duart News