Abgeschnitten, a dark German thriller on Cinemax.

A brilliant thriller from this year's FrightFest.

A dark thriller based on the template of German bestseller by Sebastian Fitzek, which has been translated into 24 world languages. The movie was shown at - Frightfest 2019, a real refresh on Cinemax's thriller list. It's hard to say that the movie is a treat for fans of European cinema. Heavy and gloomy, probably a treat would be the wrong word for a Christian Alvart movie.


Young artist Linda – starring Jasna Fritzi Bauer - is fleeing a storm from her ex-abusive boyfriend. At the beach, he stumbles upon a man's corpse, and when the cellphone rings next to the dead man's body, Linda answers, and the crazed race with the insane killer begins immediately. On the other side of the wire is Dr. Herzfeld – starring Moritz Bleubtreu - pathologist. Someone abducted his daughter and left the dead man's cellphone number in a capsule he found during a routine autopsy of a dead woman in his autopsy room. Trace after trace, and each following is hidden within a dead body.


There was no bullet in her skull, but a capsule with a message.


A puzzle to solve or someone gets hurt. A bit reminiscent of the Saw movie franchise. If we add pretty brutal scenes, especially dismembered bodies, autopsies that are reminiscent of butchering. The time is leaking, and because of the storm, the pathologist gives instructions to young Linda via cellphone. How to do an autopsy with a regular saw and knife. A little tip - forget about snacks during the film. Lest they rush out from your stomach, during some bloody scenes. And there are too many in the movie. The plot is intense and, as the end of the film approaches, it slips a little from director Alvart's hands. But he has an impressive casting on the film - Moritz Bleibtreu from The Bader Meinhoff Complex; Jasna Fritzi Bauer from Barbara; Lars Eidinger from Clouds of Sils Maria.


Should be certainly highlighted Jakub Bejnarowicz's camera - The Collini Case; Mercy; Iceman. The dark grey tones that the film is imbued with emphasize the morbid course of events that are turning ahead our eyes. This reminded me of David Fincher's Seven (1995). Of course, this movie doesn't have that much weight, but for fans of dark and heavy thrillers, this is still a movie that won't disappoint them.


Global Screen has acquired worldwide distribution rights from the German Ziegler Film. The film is being shown in the western market under the English title - Cut Off. So if you have the opportunity to watch the movie, whether on Cinemax or elsewhere, don't doubt, certainly it is worthwhile.