True Fiction - An interesting dark thriller from South Korea

After Parasite, it was time to revalue the position of excellent Korean cinema

After the great success of the Korean film Parasite - the first non-English speaking film to win an Academy Award for Best Film - it might be a good time to turn attention to other films coming from the Korean area and explore what else does this region offer us. One of the gems that we didn't hear much about in Europe is Salinsoeol - True Fiction. The film was written and directed by Kim Jin-Mook, and at the 2018 Fantasporto Festival, it won two major awards. For best screenplay and best movie.


The film follows young and aspiring politician Lee Kyung-Seok - starring Oh Man-Seok, lives in the shadow of powerful father-in-law Jeom Jung-Gil - starring Kim Hak-Cheol. The sponger and a toady, Lee is hoping for Mayor Deashang's seat. The situation seems to be developing well for him, and Lee rewards yourself by taking a trip to the cottage. They also bring a Lee Ji-Joung college sweetheart - starring Lee Na-Ra. She is also the former best friend of his spoiled rich wife Yeom Ji-Eun - starring Jo Eun-Ji. Lee has been cheating on his wife for a long time, but she convinces herself that she deserved it. Lee is an example of a corrupt young politician who is disliked by you from the opening scene.


After Lee's run over the dog with a car, he will discover that every action has consequences...


On the way to the isolated cottage, Lee runs over the dog. But the dog has an owner, and it's Kim Soon-Tae. Smiling Kim soon after a friendly introduction begins to blackmail Lee Kyung-Seok. The situation is getting worse every moment. Bizarre moments multiply, all threatening to end badly for slimy Lee Kyung-Seok. But Lee also has a trump card up his sleeve. A vicious father in law, Senator Jeom Jung-Gil.


All of the above may be fooling you, so think of it as another thriller. It's not so. There are also some kinds of studies of lies and corrupt characters, from expectedly corrupt politicians to greedy con artists. From gullible women to the arrogance of rich men. Layers of lies and deceit cover layers of lies and deceit. Behind every fraud is a punishment. The premise of the film can, in a figurative sense, be described as punishment as a universal destiny. Stronger than any attempt to get a person out of every unpleasant situation. At some point, a smiling Kim finds himself struck by his fateful resolve to be a measure of justice. Lee, on the other hand, is vigorously trying to avoid the unpleasant consequences of his ambition and determination to succeed at all costs. On several occasions, think of him succeeding, but sobering soon follows. And so on. Don't think that this whole game will make you bored. As the end of the movie draws to a close, the level of the twist rises further. You're no longer sure what you're looking at. Literally to the last scene.


How much do you actually know and how much can you predict?


If you think at first it is a low-budget work, which will turn into boredom - you are wrong. Few characters outsmart in an unusual situation, lack of any coherent action or pace. That's how it goes for a while. Then, the twists begin. And just when you think you've seen it all, there's a new twist. To the final scene. 


After a bunch of movies where you complain that you 'knew everything from the beginning', here's a movie where you will definitely not know anything until the end. Despite this text, which prepares you for huge turns. As much as I write I can't conjure up everything you saw, scene after scene. Reverse reversal. The scenery of the film is modest. There aren't many characters, but the dialogues are well written. Electronic music as the background is unobtrusive and very good. The film was produced by Peppermint / Company and is being distributed by Storm Pictures. 


With which movie could I compare True Fiction? The movie comparisons are quite grateful. Because they can give you just about anything to look forward to. At first, two titles came to mind. The Coen brothers and their legendary Fargo movie. Again, the Coen brothers and their first 1984 film, Blood Simple. Obviously, the phenomenal Kim Jin-Mook associates me with the Coen brothers. What a compliment. I'm sure I won't miss his next movie, and after you watch True Fiction, I guess neither will you.