CANARY BLACK new action movie with Kate Backinsale shooting in Zagreb, Croatia

The whole movie will be entirely shot in Croatia, which is a great thing for Croatian film industry

Canary Black, a new action movie started its shooting on Saturday in Zagreb, Croatia. This is the biggest movie that ever took place in Zagreb because it´s completely shot in Zagreb, Croatia and because it requires a great number of stunts, car crashes, and dangerous shooting moments.


Also, it requires an understanding of the local community and habitats of Zagreb, because of city blockage and close routes. The shooting happens in beautiful locations in Croatia, which are already recognizable in the film world. From the main square Trg Ban Josipa Jelačića, to Mažuranac, Zrinjevac, all the amazing locations will be a part of this film.


Magazines often feature Croatian shooting locations, but also a numerous and highly skilled Croatian crew, it´s the reason why such productions come to Croatia.

In this project, 350 people are engaged, of which 95% represent the local hired crew. This is really important because it´s proof that Croatia has a strong and stable film industry, with people who are experienced and can handle a project like this. The main Makeup and hair designer is Croatian Tatjana Tomšić, and Nikolina Kostanjšek is the main Costume designer, also Croatian. Besides the crew, the movie Canary Black employs 1200 extras, 14 Croatian actors, and 100+ people working on other segments in the movie.


A new win for Zagreb is that it's playing itself, so Zagreb is Zagreb. Usually, Zagreb is playing another city, and there were many: from Stockholm to St. Petersburg. 


Kate Beckinsale is the star of the movie, a new female Bond-ish edition of this exciting action movie. Along with Kate, a young Croatian actress is playing an important role, Romina Tonkovic.
Answering the question of how she got a role, she says: "Duart Platform posted an audition, and I applied. In 24 hours I got confirmed." 

We are really happy to be part of this project and can´t wait for the movie to be out in cinemas.


The most important part of this movie is the director Pierre Morel, famous for his actions with emotions and stories behind each character. That way, we all remember Taken, as one of his best movies.

Not to forget to mention the Producer, Carsten Lorenz, Line Producer Igor A. Nola, Production Manager Vanja Sremac, Director of Photography Thierry Arbogast, Location Manager Tomislav Peleski.


We wish a smooth shooting of the movie and long life and great numbers, of course!


Press conference, Canary Black movie, photo: Duart