TOP 5 horror movies to watch on HBO

If you are a horror fan, we have 5 movies which will send shivers down your spine!

After the horror series, where Netflix has a big lead over HBO, we have arrived in the field of horror films. To be fair, the situation is at least even. There are also older and newer titles, which are impossible to get around if you are a true horror fan. We paid attention that the films we suggest do not mix genres. All five titles are real horror movies. Those movies of which your thrills go through your body. All five of these films are ideal for watching in good company. At least you avoid feeling uncomfortable if you have to stop watching to go to the toilet.


5. The Curse of La Llorona 

An old Mexican story for scaring restless children. As far back as 1673, on a farm in Mexico, a mentally disturbed mother killing her two sons drowning them in a local creek. 300 years later in Los Angeles, social worker Anna Tate-Garcia is forced to bring her two little children on the crime scene. Police have found the body of Patricia Alvarez's two sons, whom Anna visits at her social worker job. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) immediately focuses her attention on Anna's children. Like it or not, Anna has to find a way to protect her children from demonic decency.


An excellent 2019 movie hit directed by Michael Chaves, with a budget of $ 9million, converted into $ 204 million in revenue. Therefore, we should expect La Llorona 2 soon.


4. The Ring

The American version of the movie, which can be viewed on HBO, is a remake of Hideo Nakata's 1998 Japanese movie Ring. Japanese horror has started one unique horror franchise. The original version, hence the Japanese version, is better and even more creepy than the American version. But here the American remake has the advantage, because of HBO. And it can't be said that The Ring from 2002 with Naomi Watts is a bad remake. On the contrary, it is well received by the audience and the critics. The haunting videotape has left an indelible mark on the stories of horror movie fans.


3. The Conjuring  

A supernatural horror movie, celebrating Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as two investigators of paranormal events in a haunted house during 1971. The Perron family moved into a house in Rhode Island with their five daughters is looking for help. At first, the seemingly harmless Poltergeist events are becoming more serious. Finally, the girls are attacked by an evil demon named Bathsheba. No choice, the This hugely successful cover of the infamous Amityville legend was followed by a sequel to The Conjuring 2. Movie - The Conjuring 3 - The Devil Made Me Do It, opened in theatres in September 2020. The Warren couple - in the Farmiga interpretation and Wilson, appears in the hit movie Annabelle Comes Home.


2. The Others 

When I mention Nicole Kidman to you, few people think of the horror genre. The Others - Los Othros from 2001, is a gothic supernatural horror. It is characterized by a creepy atmosphere and a very good story. One of the founders of the twist at the end of the movie. Nearby the legendary The Six Sense - M. Night Shyamalan. The film is directed by Alejandro Amenabar. Grace Stewart - starring Nicole Kidman, who lives with her two children on a lonely property in Jersey. Her two children are hypersensitive to light, suffering from photosensitivity. The house is therefore dark, heavy drapes prevent the sun from entering. Paranormal events are about to begin. Grace initially blames the servants for everything. But the truth is slightly different.


A terrific horror movie, with a legendary actress. The movie is characterized by a creepy atmosphere. Just what a true horror fan appreciates. Tension without a swinging with an axe, and without bins of fake blood spilt on the set. This is one of the few horror films that stay in our minds for years after watching it. Imperative for fans of the genre.


1. The Woman In Black

Does the name Herbert Wise, Adrian Rawlins, Bernard Hepton mean to you? Of course, it doesn't. But in 1989 for the British TV network ITV Network, they filmed a TV horror by Susan Hill - The Woman in Black. Whoever watched this movie will never forget it. In 2012, a remake starring Daniel Radcliff was filmed. Good movie, but not even close the 1989 original.


In 1925, young lawyer Arthur Kidd travels from London to execute the last will of the late Alice Drablow. During his work, he is staying in a gloomy house in the middle of wasteland - the Eel Marsh House. When he arrived at the property, a sinister woman dressed in black, staring at him in silence. Tomorrow, he saw the same dark woman in a black dress in the local cemetery. Soon, the unlucky Arthur saves the baby in front of wild chariots. He better not have done it. The Women in Black didn't get her blood toll, and now, unfortunately, Arthur becomes her target.


There are several scary scenes in this anthology movie. This movie is not comfortable to watch at all. You come to quit. And that usually means bad quality in the horror. But for this movie, you want to give up for a completely different reason. Because you are afraid.