James Cameron claims that Marvel's visual effects cannot be compared to those in 'Avatar: Path of Water'

James Cameron shared his thoughts on his film 'Avatar: Path of Water' and superhero movies

During a conversation with Comicbook.com, James Cameron shared his not-so-popular opinion about the quality of Marvel's visual effects, saying they are "nowhere near" what you'll see in his movie Avatar: The Way of Water.


Although James Cameron claims to love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his recent barrage of negative comments about superhero movies somehow contradicts his expressions of love. When asked about the impact and progress VFX has seen in recent years, Cameron agreed that the technology has a positive and productive impact on the film industry.


“Obviously, the big comic book superhero movies have helped for huge increase in the industry, and the improvement and development of technology is driving everything together. This gives you better quality artists. You have more tools and plug-ins and code. You have more talented people writing code, simulations and all these things that are out there,” says Cameron. "Then, as we build our team and as Weta Digital keeps hiring new employees, it rises even higher, so it makes everything better together." Read the full article at KINO FILM.HR


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Photo by Twentieth Century Studios