Interview with Marta Popivoda, the director of Landscapes of Resistance

Socialist films in 21st century

Marta Popivoda is Belgrade born, Berlin-based queer, feminist, anti-fascist artist and cultural worker. Her first film Yugoslavia: how ideology moved our collective body is currently a part of the Dealing with the Past programme in  Meeting Point cinema Sarajevo, while her latest film Landscapes of Resistance had a world premiere in IFFR earlier this year (you can find our review here) is currently playing at Vision du Reel. In her work, Marta combines poetic historical narratives with moving images that reflect and follow the story.  For the Duart platform, Marta talked about both of these films, the spirit of collectivism, how it shaped and changed historically and what role does an artist have in representing and supporting it.  Full interview as it follows:


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