Behind the cartoon 'Super Mario Bros. Film is American Croat

"I am proud of my Croatian roots", says Michael Jelenic, who directed the film about Super Mario with Aaron Horvath

As the arrival of the cartoon Super Mario Bros. Film approaches, the expectations are also growing. There are more and more references about the cute plumber on the Internet, the film crew made amazing music video with Jimmy Fallon, and the American media point out that Super Mario Bros. Film will be a box office surprise. They predict that he could even cross the magic line of a billion dollars in revenue.



And behind the whole story stands proudly - an American Croat. Namely, the film was directed by Michael Jelenic with his longtime artistic partner Aaron Horvath. The talented filmmaker was born and raised in San Pedro, a Californian city known for its numerous Croatian colonies.



Proud of his Croatian roots


- I am proud of my Croatian roots. Father Albert is from Ždrelac in Pašman, and mother Miranda was born in America, but originally from Kukljica on the neighboring island of Ugljan. They met, of course, at a Croatian picnic in San Pedro - said Michael Jelenic, who has been delighting viewers with great animated films and series for fifteen years.


After working on numerous animated series since the beginning of the century, such as The Batman and Jackie Chan Adventures, Jelenic created Teen Titans Go! in 2013 with screenwriter and producer Aaron Horvath, a fun animated version of the popular comic book heroes Teen Titans. Very quickly, the series became one of the most popular not only on Cartoon Network cable television, but also throughout America, and thanks to it, Jelenic was nominated three times for the most prestigious television Emmy Award. Five years ago, they filmed the feature-length cartoon Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, which grossed $52 million in theaters.



Their series of successes was also recognized by the animation studio Illumination, who entrusted them with the job of great responsibility – transferring Super Mario to the big screen. After the commercial failure of the Super Mario Bros. movie in 1993, Nintendo no longer wanted to play with the reputation of one of its most famous heroes. It took three decades for Super Mario to hit the theaters again, this time under the direction of the Horvath-Jelenic duo.



In Croatian cinemas Super Mario Bros. Film is coming on April 6th. Read the full article at KINO FILM.HR



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