"This is cinema" - Scorsese enthusiastically comments on the film 'Tár'

This psychological drama has already won the award for best film at the New York Film Critics Circle, and Cate Blanchett took home the award for best actress.

Director Martin Scorsese is certainly one of the biggest fans of the film Tár.


Martin Scorsese announced the award for the best film at the New York Film Critics Circle. In his opening speech, he explained why this film is so good.



"We are used to watching movies that we actually know where they are taking us. I mean, they literally lead us by the hand, and although sometimes they even upset us, they still comfort us all the time and we know that everything will be okay in the end."



The clouds lifted when I saw Todd's film, Tár

"The film was made so that we exist in her head. We experience only through her perception. The world is her. Time, chronology and space become the music she lives by. And we don't know where the movie is going. We just follow the character on her strange, disturbing journey to an even stranger final destination. What you've done, Todd, is real fierce acting, because it's all conveyed through masterful mise-en-scène, as controlled, precise, dangerous, steep angles somehow carved into the beautiful aspect ratio of 2:3:5 framed compositions.”



As a reminder, the film Tár follows Blanchett in the role of a world-famous conductor whose personal life and professional career take a different direction due to her toxic behavior.



Todd Field and Cate Blanchett are winning awards at film festivals, and both are expected to be nominated for an Oscar



Since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival and subsequently at other festivals, critics and audiences have been unanimous - the film received not one, but several nominations for the prestigious Oscar. Among other things, the film was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of best original screenplay by Todd Field.


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