Taylor Swift is becoming a director, and Guillermo del Toro has nothing but praise for her

Taylor Swift, one of pop and country music's most popular music stars, will write and direct the film for Searchlight Pictures

Starlight Pictures, the studio responsible for the Oscar-winning The Shape of Water (2017) and Nomadland (2021). According to Variety, Searchlight Pictures presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield said they are delighted to be working with Swift on an original script she wrote and will direct. "Taylor is a once-in-a-generation artist and storyteller. It is a real joy and privilege to work with her as she embarks on this exciting and new creative journey."



Past achievements in front of and behind the camera


Before the newly announced film, the singer directed short films for which she was awarded at the MTV Video Music Awards, and this year it was All Too Well: The Short Film, which is also the music video for her song.


Since 2009, she has occasionally directed music videos for her own songs, and has also starred in David O. Russell's latest film Amsterdam (2022), and Cats (2020), The Giver (2014), and many others.



Guillermo del Toro and Taylor Swift have the same interests


For W Magazine, Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro, who also shot the four-time Academy Award winner The Shape of Water for Searchlight Pictures, has nothing but kind words for Taylor Swift: “I admire her so much; we had one of the most stimulating and rewarding conversations", says the well-known director and reveals that he met the singer once and they talked about visual art. "We have many, many common interests. And her interest in fable, myth and the origin of the fairy tale runs quite deep. I gave her a few books that I thought she would find interesting - among them, a very important one, a book that was useful to me in creating Pan's Labyrinth: The Real Meaning Of Guillermo Del Toro's Dark Fairytale, which breaks down and talks about fairy tales."



We'll have to wait a bit for the movie though


When a director like Guillermo del Toro has such an opinion about someone who is directed towards mostly skepticism from a large part of the audience, it can silence even the sharpest tongues because apart from having common interests, he also considers her to be a very good director. For now, nothing is known about the plot, title or release date of the newly announced film, but this film will certainly be watched with great curiosity because Swift is still one of the most popular people in show business right now. Ultimately, whatever the film may be, it's a great move by Searchlight Pictures to sign a big star for a film under their wing, as interest in it will undoubtedly be high.


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