Uncut Gems - Sandler's Career Role

The jewel in the shadow of the Oscar-nominated film

There were and will be films that somehow remain in the shadow of festival titles. These are the films being talked about, and always top the charts at the end of the year. One of those films is the Safdie brothers movie - Uncut Gems.


It's not a movie that didn't compete, after all, it picked up some awards. Among the awards stand out are those at The Independent Spirit Awards, where brothers Safdie and Adam Sandler picked up the grand prizes. A similar recurrence was made on January 8, 2020, at the annual National Board of Review Awards - the film won most of the major awards, including the Best Actor Award. It was this award that emphasized what this movie meant in the eyes of the audience and the critics. Adam Sandler. An actor who has been confined with one of the most underrated movie genres for years - comedy. Unsuccessful comedies, often mediocre, have characterized Adam Sandler's career. Sandler thus became a genre actor. Specializing in light romantic-family comedies, Sandler, after Jim Carrey's disappearance, took over the physical comedy scene. But back in 2009, the Safdie brothers suggested Sandler step forward. That year, Sandler was offered the lead role in the movie Uncut Gems. Which this one smoothly refused! But karma was on his side this time. After nine years, Sandler changes his mind - stepped into the role of Howard Ratner instead of Jonah Hill. The role of his career. At least so far.


Depending on the bet, Howard owes big money to the loan shark.


Hastily rhythm of New York life seems to have been created for Howard Ratner- starring Adam Sandler. A betting addict, Howard constantly avoids facing a life that pressures him to the limits of endurance. Big money is owed to the brother-in-law. This one eventually hires the gangsters to press Howard, who is preparing the deal of a lifetime. He managed to obtain a rare black opal from a mine in Ethiopia. If he cashed it well at auction, it would be a solution to his debts and his life. But Howard has never been with both feet on the ground. His life is not for people who have any life plan. His day is endless chasing. He is part of the day with a family he has not yet left, though the woman, to put it mildly, no longer tolerates him. The second part of the day, if he can, he spends with his young mistress Julia - starring Julia Fox, who also works at his small jewelry store. The jewelry store is the center of Howard's life, with fake Rolexes and twinkly gems for the rap population. When an NBA star Kevin Garnett arrives at his shop, Howard feels that luck is turning on his side. But then Garnett borrows an opal and does not bring it back in time, so the whole auction plan comes into question. The next 48 hours passed by in a frenetic chase after opal. Howard still finds time for monstrous betting, the winnings are such that he can solve all his life's problems.


With acting and frenetic chatter, Sandler boosts the rhythm of the movie by which is reminiscent of the great Al Pacino.


The rhythm with which the Safdie brothers manage the film and Howard's life on film is amazing. Cameraman Darius Khondji has worked with greats like David Fincher, Woody Alen, Roman Polanski, and Danny Boyle. Now the Safdie brothers, who have shown with this film that they can stand side by side with the established authors, can add to that. A great soundtrack was made by David Lopatin. Casting is top-notch, I would point out two veterans in supporting roles: Eric Bogosian and Judd Hirsch. They are both excellent, as is young Julia FoxKevin Garnett, who stands now with Ray Allen, the NBA star from the movie He Got A Game, did well. The two have made the best films so far, for NBA stars.

Let's go back to Sandler. I think many movie viewers at some point in the movie thought of the great Al Pacino. It has some parallels with Pacino's 1999 film Any Given Sunday. With acting and frenetic chatter, Sandler boosts the rhythm of the movie by which is reminiscent of the great Pacino. But I'm convinced that no one wondered, "What would Pacino do with this role?" Well, so good is Adam Sandler in the role of Howard Ratner, which may mark his entire career.

The Safdie brothers insisted that the character of Howard Ratner was played by a Jewish actor. After Sandler turned down the role in 2009, they offered the role to Harvey Keitel, Sasha Baron Cohen, to eventually get to Jonah Hill. Sandler changed his mind in 2018 when he watched their movie Good Times. Otherwise, meticulous statisticians have counted the curse that begins with the letter F. 408 times. This puts the film in fourth place in the history of cinematography by the use of specific swearing F. If you can, you look at this excellent movie. The worldwide distribution is signed by Netflix, so it should be no problem if you missed the movie in the cinema.