World premieres of The Real Truth about the Fight and Lost Country at Semaine de la Critique

The short feature film The Real Truth about the Fight and the feature film Lost Country will have their world premiere as part of the parallel program of the Cannes Film Festival

"The premiere of the film in Cannes is something that you secretly wish for during the entire process of making a film, so we are all very happy about it. There were many questions, because the film has an unusual form and structure, and I am very glad that the selectors recognized that. I am primarily happy that the work of top collaborators who have worked with me on the film for a long time will be visible at the "Semaine de la Critique" - the Croatian-Spanish combination of the film crew was very inspiring, an interesting collaboration took place there," said Andrea Slaviček on the occasion of the inclusion of her film “The Real Truth about the Fight” at the “Semaine de la Critique”.


It is a short feature film about a teenage girl Lena who, sometimes distracted by school ups and downs, catchy songs and a mysterious blue car, tells the real truth about the big show, but at the same time we sense that there is something she doesn't want to tell us.


In addition to directing it, Andrea Slaviček also wrote the script for the film. The main role in the film is played by Vida Tunguz, and other notable roles were played by Ana Ugrina, Lucija Plesac, Lily Antić, Lola Jelčić, Nedim Hasanbegović, Adrian Babić Herceg and Pan Jelić. The director of photography is Alana Mejía González, the editor is Vladimir Gojun, the stage designer is Bojan Drezgić, the costume designer is Ana Nikačević, the mask painter is Natalija Škrlec, the sound designer is Borja Barrera Allué, and the composer is Biel Blancafort.


„The Real Truth about the Fight“ was produced by the Croatian Antitalent, and the co-producers are the Spanish company Fractal and the Croatian company Blank. The producer of the film is Katarina Prpić, and the co-producer is Marc Guanyabens. The film was created with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the City of Zagreb.



In addition, another feature film by director Vladimir Perišić  „Lost Country“ - will have its world premiere at „Semaine de la Critique“. The director wrote the script together with Alice Winoco, with whom he also collaborated on his first feature film, Ordinary People, which also had its world premiere at „Semaine de la Critique" in 2009.


„Lost Country“ is set in Serbia in 1996. Student demonstrations against Milosević's regime are underway, and fifteen-year-old Stefan is facing the most difficult of all revolutions - he must confront his own beloved mother, the spokeswoman for the same corrupt government that his friends are fighting against.


"Perišić made a truly inspiring film, both strong and gentle at the same time - I'm glad that the selectors of this prestigious program recognized its value. A world premiere like this is not only a great recognition, but also a ticket to an excellent later placement of the film, and we are all extremely cares that it reaches as wide an audience as possible and leaves a mark," said the film's co-producer, Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama).


The main roles are played by Jovan Ginić and Jasna Đuričić, notable roles were played by Duško Valentić and Helena Buljan, and the film also stars Marija Škaričić, Vinko Kraljević and Goran Navojec.


The producers of the film are Janja Kralj from the French company KinoElektron, Nadia Turincev and Omar El Kadifrom the French company Easy Riders Films and Vladimir Perišić from the Serbian company Trilema. The co-producers are Vincent Quenault and Jeanne Geiben from Luxembourg's Red Lion and Ankica Jurić Tilić from Croatia's Kinorama, along with ARTE France Cinéma and Cosmodigital. The film was created with the support of the Film Center of Serbia, ARTE France Cinéma, CNC, the Luxembourg Film Fund and the Croatian Audiovisual Center.



„Semaine de la Critique“ is a parallel program of the Cannes Film Festival, launched in 1962. This year's, 62nd edition, takes place from May 17 to 25, and traditionally presents 10 feature-length and 10 short-film titles from around the world. The aim of the program is to discover new talents, and names such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Alejandro González Iñárittu and Gaspar Noé had their big "rises" at the „Semaine de la Critique“. The international jury will award four prizes: two for feature films (Grand Prize and French Touch Prize) and one for short films (Leitz Cine Discovery Prize). As part of the „Semaine de la Critique“, an award for a rising acting star (Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award) is awarded, and selected films are also in competition for the Camera d'Or.



Cover photo: (collage) scenes from the films "The Real Truth about the Fight" and "Lost Country"; visual of Semaine de la Critique