"I’d rather tried to think of the situations that they would get in to, and how they would interact with each other."

01-11-2021 Tettyo Saito

Socialist films in 21st century

27-10-2021 Arman Fatić

International casting directors and producers will discuss the career achievements and the future of Russian actors on the global stage.

26-10-2021 Duart News

The award ceremony for the best achievements in the category of TV series at the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival was held last night in the Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo

08-10-2021 Duart News

18 world, 3 international, 1 European, 24 regional and 1 B&H premiere.

15-08-2021 Duart News

The 78th Venice International Film Festival runs September 1-11, 2021.

15-08-2021 Duart News

Students of film academies, faculties of visual arts, philological and philosophical faculties from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina can apply

26-07-2021 Duart News

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s debut fiction feature Murina, has been selected for screening at Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Fortnight

12-07-2021 Duart News

Film presented as part of cinema Meeting Point "Dealing with past" programme

09-07-2021 Arman Fatić

Children have the opportunity to open their eyes, face reality and move on because young people should not bear the guilt or victimization of their parents.

09-07-2021 Duart News

64 films from 11 Asian countries in Udine and online

01-07-2021 Duart News

As part of its festival outreach activities, PLJFF presents it’s 1st online outreach programme

24-06-2021 Duart News

Due to the pandemic, the Berlinale designed the Summer Special as a purely outdoor event for Berlin audiences

15-06-2021 Duart News

Event is taking place from June 9-20, 2021

08-06-2021 Duart News