Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back on January 24th

Netflix released a music video trailer for the third season.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back on January 24th and you can now watch a music video trailer – providing us with clues about the upcoming episodes. The Netflix supernatural web series is based on the Archie comics and it's a far cry from the late 90’s edition  - both revolving around a teenage witch, who runs into constant problems while trying to maintain a balance between her mortal and magical life.

The first part of the show - originally developed for CW - gathered mostly positive reviews. It introduced its viewers to the 21st century Sabrina Spellman– starring Kiernan Shipka – who's finding her way in a world of magic, patriarchy, and religion that has Satan at its helm - all that and more, without the talking cat. As well as receiving praise for its characters, plot, and style, the series was praised for its representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

In the third part of the series, we are going straight to hell!

The second part premiered to less enthusiastic reviews, mostly because of the slow plot development. And while the season started and continued at a slower pace, the finale delivered everything the rest was missing. To remind you, we left the show with Sabrina discovering a dark secret about her origin, her friends helping to stop the Armageddon and her boyfriend sacrificing himself and becoming a human trap for Lucifer, with Lilith taking the place of the Dark Lord.  

If the title of the music video Straight to hell tells us anything, is that the third part will be focused on Sabrina and her friends trying to save Nick – played by Gavin Leatherwood – out of the underworld. One other major plotline could involve Sabrina's cousin Ambrose – played by Chance Perdomo - and Prudence - portrayed Tati Gabrielle - going after father Blackwood - Richard Coyle - who escaped the town and is now missing.

From the looks of it, this should be the darkest season yet, taking us deeper into the workings of the Church of Night and going - most literally - to hell. It sounds compelling enough, we just hope there will be a good amount of screen time for Lilith, the kick-ass character who dominated the previous season with her feminist plotline and is played by the talented Michelle Gomez.