If you don't have time for personal exploration of amazing films from all around the world, we bring you our top five picks

15-06-2020 Duart News

Film by the Rojava Film Commune dominates the fifth day of We Are One.

06-06-2020 Lana Mihailović

CineLink Work in Progress call for entries is now open. Deadline for submitting the applications is July 1st 2020.

05-06-2020 Duart News

Second day of We Are One featured a look into the deep connection between the two flmmakers' identitites.

04-06-2020 Duart News

What are some of the biggest concerns for the film industry today and how can it move forward safely?

26-05-2020 Lana Mihailović

Submissions for multiple programmes of 67th Pula are now opened!

18-05-2020 Duart News

CineLink’s activities for this year continued amid the pandemic uncertainty.

13-05-2020 Duart News

No Collaboration With Cannes Planned

21-04-2020 Duart News

Is it possible to push 73th festival edition online? Or place it in a packed festival calendar at the end of the year.

18-04-2020 Duart News

New call for entries for aspiring film professionals from Southeast Europe and Southern Caucasus

06-04-2020 Duart News

War, obedience, death, trauma and suffering as central topics of final two entries of 2020 Berlinale Competition programme

18-03-2020 Duart News

From Korea, through Italy up to the USA, Berlinale day 6 brings out the best of diverse world cinema

09-03-2020 Arman Fatić

This could be a truly good year for Abel Ferrara and his newest art piece with William Defoe

01-03-2020 Arman Fatić