Slovenian fairytale for adults

12-12-2019 Arman Fatić

A black horror comedy that you will love.

12-12-2019 Momir Rajšić

Mary Queen of Scots movie review

12-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

What we should know about?

09-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

Fractured movie review by Brad Anderson.

02-12-2019 Vanja Gredelj

In this quiet drama, Ozark's Julia Garner takes the lead as an assistant at a successful film production company.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Can we expect a third one?

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Ryan Johnson's take on murder mysteries doesn't reach its full potential.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

David Dobkin hits some right notes, but lacks the right protagonist to carry it.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Taika Waititi's latest feature will be competing for six Oscars this February.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Abel Ferrara and Willem Defoe are at their best

01-01-1970 Arman Fatić

"The most talked about movie of the year" is available for streaming, after a short theatrical release

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović

Ask Dr. Ruth tells the life story of the most famous sex therapist in North America.

01-01-1970 Lana Mihailović