The complete list of Academy Award nominees for 2023

23-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

Asterix and Obelix. A bear on cocaine. Stripper Mike. The return of John Wick, Indiana Jones and Ethan Hunt. Fast are still furious...

10-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

This psychological drama has already won the award for best film at the New York Film Critics Circle, and Cate Blanchett took home the award for best actress.

10-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

If you thought this was just another romantic comedy about a wedding, think again because Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel take you on an action-packed wedding through the jungle

07-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

Each person carries his traumas from the past that form us with him and faces them almost every day, and "Traces" indicate the way we can deal with them

07-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

Taylor Swift, one of pop and country music's most popular music stars, will write and direct the film for Searchlight Pictures

07-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

The feature film debut "Garbura" by director Josip Žuvan will bring back to childhood those adults in smaller communities as well as among people you know or at least once knew

07-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

After watching the film Tár, one question that naturally arises is whether Lidya Tár will conduct again?

06-02-2023 Mihaela Crnko

Ackie made her big acting debut in Doctor Who in 2015. Since then, she's been in various TV shows and movies

30-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

On December 3rd was the premiere of the long-awaited continuation of the animated film from the DreamWorks Animation factory - Puss in Boots

18-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

The whole movie will be entirely shot in Croatia, which is a great thing for Croatian film industry

18-01-2023 Sanja Drakulic

"I'm happy, but at the same time, I look at my work more seriously. This award is a huge reminder to me that I must not give up"

18-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

James Cameron shared his thoughts on his film 'Avatar: Path of Water' and superhero movies

16-01-2023 Mihaela Crnko

This years CPH:DOX winner brings a history of a family, society and war between the two solar eclipses

16-01-2023 Vanja Šunjić

Miller brings his gloriously colorful adaptation of cliche twisting orientaly intertwined short story "The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye".

16-01-2023 Arman Fatić