Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery in a mini-series dealing with juvenile violence!

12-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

On Netflix on May 22, 2020

05-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

Sf mini- series premiered 5, March, 2020 on FX on Hulu

04-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

We list five shows premiering in the following months.

02-06-2020 Lana Mihailović

A cross-section of Michael Jordan’s career and the Bulls ’foray into the throne of the best team of all time?

01-06-2020 Momir Rajšić

Bill Campbell last time in the role of John Cardinal

27-05-2020 Momir Rajšić

HBO opens many questions after the Mindhunter series revived interest in child murders in Atlanta

15-05-2020 Momir Rajšić

Season 3 of the series Mr.Mercedes brigs us a lot more goods from the mind of Stephen King

02-05-2020 Momir Rajšić

The third season of the excellent Netflix series exceeded expectations

30-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

The five films will explore different scenarions propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

27-04-2020 Duart News

Netflix aired the fourth season of its most-watched series on April 3rd, and there is a lot to talk about...

22-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

Show inspired by a best-selling true story brings the story of Satmar Hasidic community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

22-04-2020 Vanja Gredelj

Filmed and set between Sweden and Jordan this dramatic piece compresses the fundamentalist principles formed as extremist terrorism.

22-04-2020 Vanja Gredelj

A zombie outbreak in South Korea for 16 centuries

07-04-2020 Momir Rajšić

Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo in Stephen King's new adaptation

06-04-2020 Momir Rajšić